Frequently Asked Questions

Can I taste the mushrooms when I drink it?

Nope! Because we supercharge our plantmilk with mushrooms and don’t add mushrooms as a main ingredient, you won’t taste a fraction of fungi while you sip…Just lots of fresh, creamy, plant powered goodness. 

What if I don't like it?

We know that flavor matters, but we also know how to turn a good drink into an incredible one (which, by the way, is exactly what Shroom Junkie is…If you haven’t caught on yet). That's why any order from Shroom Junkie is backed by our 100% taste guarantee. Either you love the rich, delicious, creamy flavor...Or we'll send you a total refund, no ifs, ands, or udders about it.

How long does Shroom Junkie stay fresh?

Keep it cozy in your pantry for up to a year! After opening, re- home Shroom Junkie to your fridge for 14 days of delicious freshness.

Are these magic mushrooms?

We think all mushrooms are magic because of their incredible impact on the world’s ecosystem…But no, there are no hallucinogens or other illegal ingredients in Shroom Junkie.

Can I give this to my kid?

Yes! But please be aware that once they try Shroom Junkie Plantmilk they won’t be happy with other plant milks or dairy ever again. We assume no responsibility for breakfast time milk-related meltdowns if you forget to restock when you start running low. 

But wait... CAN you milk mushrooms?

You can certainly try (In fact, we make our interns do just that)…But we can’t guarantee you’ll enjoy the result. Leave your ‘shrooms un-milked and let us replace your dairy instead. 

What are the ingredients to this delectable plantmilk?

Water, Pea Protein Fermented by Shiitake Mushroom Mycelia, High Oleic Sunflower Oil. Contains Less Than 2% of Cane Sugar, Natural Flavors, Tricalcium Phosphate, Gum Acacia, Gellan Gum, Calcium Carbonate, Dipotassium Phosphate, Vitamin D2 Mushroom Powder

What kind of plant protein do you use?

We use pea protein and ferment it with the roots of shiitake mushrooms to unlock its full potential. We specifically use pea protein because of its strong nutritional profile and sustainability. From a sustainability standpoint, peas, in the legume family, do everything wheat, corn and soy don't. They require less water, are drought tolerant, reduce the need for nitrogen fertilizers because they take nitrogen gas from the air and store it in their roots, and make an ideal candidate for crop rotation due to their soil regenerative properties. Pea protein is also a good source of iron, and has a balanced flavor after a little help from mushrooms. 

How did you discover the power of mushrooms for Plantmilk?

The detoxifying power of mushrooms has been used in ancient cultures for centuries, but scientists are just now discovering new and impactful ways to harness that power. Our team is fascinated by the incredible ways mushrooms can be used to detoxify our foods, and through almost a decade of intensive research and experimentation we discovered the impact these mushrooms could have on everyday foods. We knew there had to be a better way to support a plant-based diet without the added “fluff” in our foods, and we were determined to find it. Shroom Junkie Plantmilk is the result of years of dedication, research, and a bit of luck, and we know you’ll be able to taste our passion for change with every sip.